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Arty Tales – September 2021

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From this month Laura, our Barking Spider Visual Theatre artist and storyteller invites you and your pre-schooler to join in this creative story and activity from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Cubbies and tunnels

This workshop is all about construction, creativity and transformation! Our theme for this month’s play is reinventing space and making the familiar unfamiliar by creating cubbies and tunnels to explore in our homes and gardens. 

For this activity you’ll need cardboard boxes, sticky tape and a variety of materials to decorate the outside of your boxes.

Use anything you can find around the house and adjust the size and scale to what you have; if you don’t have a large enough box to fit your young learner, instead you could create a tunnel and cubby for a special toy.

Laura encourages you to adapt this activity to the resources you have at hand and bring a sense of joy and play to the construction and decoration of your tunnels and cubbies! 

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