Art Mondo class with the teacher leading participants

Art Mondo: Art and Dementia

Tickets essential

For people in the early stages of dementia

$12 — Ticket covers one participant with their support person

Fridays 11am to 12pm

21 Jun | 12 July | 26 Jul | 2 Aug | 4 Oct | 18 Oct | 15 Nov | 13 Dec

Introducing Art Mondo, a program for individuals in the early stages of dementia with their support person, being a professional caregiver, adult-child or partner.

Modelled on similar national and international museum and gallery initiatives, Art Mondo integrates discussions and social interaction with hands-on creative activities. In our warm and responsive environment, participants experience improved cognitive function, reduced stress, and enhanced emotional well-being. The program, designed and led by Barking Spider Creative, fosters social connections, a profound sense of belonging, and stimulates creativity, promoting a sense of accomplishment.

Art Mondo goes beyond individual impact, aiming to elevate community connectedness and cultural engagement, offering an enriching experience for all involved.

Art Mondo is limited to a small groups and their support person. Support people are required to stay for the program duration to take care of any personal issues that may arise.

Program Participation

  • We request that support people allow participants time to initiate their response to conversations and activities.
  • The focus in this program is for participants to be as involved as they wish, and at their own level. Sometimes this could mean they withdraw from conversations, or do not complete the activity in the suggested way. Support people need not be concerned about this, or try to compel the participant into compliance. The program presenter’s aim is to enable free choice and enhance participant dignity.


  • Car parking is available beside and opposite the gallery.
  • Please note: while fully accessible by ramps, the lift at Incinerator Gallery is quite small.


  • We recommend a ratio of at least one support person per two participants, especially in the case where mobility is limited.

Session times

  • When the 11 am session is filled a second session will open at 9.30 am.
  • The session runs for one hour and includes light refreshments.

Art Mondo is proudly supported by a Moonee Valley City Council Biannual Grant


Ticket covers 1 participant with 1 support person.

Presenter bio

Barking Spider Creative devises extraordinary visual and performative stories across art forms. Their practice includes devising image and performative experiences that activate audiences. They interpret the stories of individuals, communities, place, history and science using a combination of art forms including immersive art-installation and performance. Their works transform the way people experience the familiar and encounter the unfamiliar – in museums, galleries, theatres, communities, schools, festivals, residencies and workshops. Barking Spider Creative is based regionally in Colac, Otway Shire, Victoria.