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Terms of Service

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Events & Public Programs Terms & Conditions

Please read the ticket information carefully before processing your payment.

Program times and dates are indicated on the ticket.


  • Tickets are sold online via the Humanitix website
  • Tickets include GST and a non-refundable booking fee (99c +5% ticket cost).
  • Cash payments will not be accepted.
  • Payments may be made over the phone or in person by Incinerator Gallery staff entering your information on the Humanitix website.
  • Full payment must be made prior to the program commencement date.
  • A participant’s place is confirmed via email when full payment has been received.
  • Tickets and tax receipts are issued from Humanitix via email once paid.


  • Refunds and ticket transfers are not available within 7 days of the program commencement date.
  • Refunds and make-up classes are not available for cancelled or missed classes.
  • Once payment has been completed, students are committed to that program for the duration of the program term.
  • Part refunds will not be issued to participants for cancelled or missed segments of a program.
  • Refunds issued will not include the booking fee (99c +5% ticket cost).
  • If a program is cancelled before commencement, a full refund (including booking fee) will be issued.

Concession Ticket Eligibility

  • To be eligible for a concession ticket, you need a Centrelink-issued Health Care Card with a Victorian address.
  • Only the cardholder and names listed on the Card are eligible for this concession ticket. Student and Senior cards are not eligible.
  • Centrelink-issued Health Care Cards must be presented at reception prior to class.
  • Ticket holders not able to show this card will be required to pay the difference via Credit Card to gain admission.
  • Cash is not accepted.

General Information

  • Enrol early as class sizes are limited.
  • Program places cannot be reserved or held over.
  • We do not accept requests or transfers for part term attendance and program places cannot be reserved or held over.
  • A minimum number of enrolments are required before a class can commence.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a program due to a lack of enrolments.
  • Program presenters continuity will be maintained as far as possible, but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Substitute presenters will be used in preference to cancelling workshops.
  • The Incinerator Gallery does not run workshops on public holidays – In the case of programs with multiple sessions, classes will be made up to accommodate.
  • Information about classes will be emailed to program attendees.
  • Classes designed for adults are not suitable for children, so participants cannot bring children or other people to class with them.

Please call us on 9243 1750 or e-mail us at incinerator@mvcc.vic.gov.au if you have an queries regarding these terms and conditions.

Incinerator Art Award

Selection Criteria

Works submitted should demonstrate a belief that cultural and creative expression can be used as a means to affect deep and lasting social change.
Works will be selected based on a demonstrated relationship to the theme of the award; ‘Art for Social Change’.

Entry Conditions

  • Entry is open to artists living and working in Australia.
  • Artists must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
  • Indoor, outdoor and performance works are accepted, the gallery can accommodate a variety of sizes and media.
  • Outdoor works must be able to withstand all climatic conditions.
  • Performance works must be able to be judged based on documentation.
  • Works must be completed at the time of your submission.
  • Works must be completed by a living artist in the last 5 years.
  • Works must not have won other art prizes or awards in 2023.
  • Employees of Moonee Valley City Council or their family members, relatives or household members are ineligible to enter.

Exhibition Conditions

  • The exhibition is curated by the Incinerator Gallery.
  • The layout of the exhibition is determined by the Incinerator Gallery, if the artist has site specific work they must make it known in their application.
  • The artist is responsible for the packaging and transportation of the work to and from the gallery. Artists requesting support with transportation must make it known in their application.
  • The work must be delivered and collected from the gallery within the time period set by the Incinerator Gallery.
  • The Incinerator Gallery will install and de-install the work.
  • If the artist needs to install their own work, this must be negotiated with the Incinerator Gallery.
  • If the artist is installing their own work, installation and de-installation must be completed within the time period specified by the Incinerator Gallery.
  • The artist is responsible for providing the equipment required to exhibit the work unless otherwise stated.
  • All artworks and equipment must comply with Moonee Valley City Council OH&S standards. Information regarding risk management and insurance is available online:
  • All shortlisted works will be insured for loss or damage by Moonee Valley City Council for the period of the exhibition.
  • Moonee Valley City Council will not be responsible for works not collected within the time period specified by the Incinerator Gallery unless by prior arrangement.

Images & Marketing Conditions

  • The artist will provide in this application a high-resolution image (at least 1600 pixels wide at 300DPI) of the entered work with your entry.
  • It is recognised that the authorship and copyright of works entered belongs to the artist.
  • Short-listed artists give permission for Moonee Valley City Council to use images of entered work for marketing purposes associated with the Incinerator Art Award and the Incinerator Gallery for five years from the date of entry.
  • The artist will be attributed to the work when reasonably possible wherever the image is reproduced.

Shortlistings & Judging

  • Judges are selected by the Incinerator Gallery. It is ensured that judges have the appropriate credentials to make a critical assessment of the entries.
  • The Incinerator Gallery shortlists works based on the selection criteria outlined above.
  • The Incinerator Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject any works submitted for consideration on any grounds.
  • All decisions are final and individual feedback is not provided on outcomes.

Submissions & Payment

  • The artist can only submit one work per entry.
  • Only online submissions are accepted.
  • All information upon submission of the application must be true; incorrect information may deem short-listed works ineligible.

More Information

If you still have questions about the Incinerator Art Award please contact the Incinerator Gallery at incinerator@mvcc.vic.gov.au or on 03 9243 1750.