Gallery Sketchers

Wednesdays, 10am, 24 Jun / 15 Jul / 12 Aug / 9 Sep / 14 Oct / 25 Nov

Free - bookings preferred

Gallery Sketchers

Relaxed drawing at the Incinerator Gallery

Recommended for all abilities

Practice and refine your drawing skills at the iconic Incinerator Gallery. Join our alternating artist educators Carly Richardson and Francine Sculli as they demonstrate a drawing technique. Then find an interesting artwork or architectural feature, grab a chair to find a place to sit, get comfortable and work on your own sketch. Participants are invited to come together at the conclusion in the spirit of supporting each other at the session’s conclusion to view each other’s drawings over a cuppa.

Gallery Sketchers runs from 10am to 11.30am on the following Wednesdays:

Light refreshments included

Includes basic materials

Free – bookings preferred as class sizes limited

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This is a free program. If you are no longer able to attend please cancel your tickets via the Eventbrite link or email to let us know so we can cancel the tickets for you. This will enable other people on the wait list to attend in your place. The more notice we can provide, the better. Thank you.

Monthly themes

February: Mark-making – explore mark-making techniques through a variety of drawing exercises. These activities will explore the endless possibilities of mark making techniques that can be used to produce drawings of differing styles. Led by Carly Richardson.

March: Observe – sharpen your observational skills with an array of drawing exercises designed to build your confidence in using heightened observation to draw what you ‘see’. This session will cover noticing and drawing form and shape, following line and contour, and understanding negative and positive space. Led by Francine Sculli.

April: Accuracy – explore the hidden tips and tricks of observational drawing to produce visually accurate works. Make use of the hidden rules in drawing people and architectural structures, alongside visual tricks such as foreshortening. Led by Carly Richardson.

May: Drawing shadows – explore light and shadow in this session, as we chase them around the gallery space and notice where light and shadows fall. Explore the angle and direction of shadows, and experiment with different ways to capture light, shade and shadow in drawings to further enhance your art. Led by Francine Sculli.

June: Exploring light – in a reverse of the previous session, explore how to identify highlights through tone, working on darkened or coloured surfaces. Led by Carly Richardson.

July: Shades, lines and marks – explore all things shades, lines and marks in this session that will teach a variety of ways to add tone and texture to your drawings. In this session, you will experiment with the value scale in both colour and grey scale, using a variety of techniques including shading, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling and scribbling, as well as line weights and explorative mark making. Led by Francine Sculli.

August: Cropping and other approaches towards abstraction – learn how compositional decisions and the use of different materials in drawing can result in works that become abstract compositions. Led by Carly Richardson.

September: Colour your world – explore a variety of mixed media materials in this session and learn how to use colour in the most optimal way for your drawings. As you experiment with the effects of different materials, create and practice applying this to your own drawings. Led by Francine Sculli.

October: Architectural and perspective drawing – begin to notice how architectural structures can be drawn with accuracy, in this exploration of one-point perspective, beginning with a focus on simple tips and tricks. Led by Carly Richardson.

November: Vanishing lines – sharpen your perspective and add depth to your drawings, as we begin to explore the rules of one-point perspective, exploring the vanishing lines in pictures and spaces around us and learning how to apply the rules in our own drawing practice. Led by Francine Sculli.

Please note: We will do our best to keep to this schedule but classes, themes and topics may change without notice.

Artist educator bios

Carly Richardson is a visual arts educator and collections specialist who is passionate about engaging people through the arts. Having worked as a secondary Arts, Visual Communication Design and Humanities teacher and as an Educator at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Carly is interested in the intersections between artistic practice and their social, cultural and historical context. Having also worked as Curator of Top Designs 2019 at Melbourne Museum, as Collections Manager at The Dax Centre and on the board of Blindside Artist Run Initiative, Carly’s work focuses on the way audiences engage with objects and the importance of museums in telling our stories.

Francine Sculli has been studying and working in the creative arts for the past fifteen years, encompassing everything from dancing and writing to visual arts and jewellery making. Not only an avid creator, Francine also has years of experience as the Visual Arts and Multimedia Teacher at Sunshine Heights Primary School, where together with her colleague she is leading the way with teaching for artistic behaviour pedagogical approach and choice-based art program. Francine has a genuine passion for empowering young people through the arts and igniting creativity and curiosity in all aspects of life.