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Art Club 2024

Free — Registrations preferred

Tuesdays — 10am to 11.30am

Returning February 2024

Creative conversations

Whether you’re an art lover or looking to become one, this is the perfect opportunity to discover great stories through art and culture. Join our monthly series for a chance to connect with your creative community to discuss and exchange ideas about visual arts culture.

Each program begins with a brief catch-up and group discussion of exhibitions, art books, film, theatre and more. Our knowledgeable art educator Adrian Montana, will then present an in-depth analysis of an Australian artist, including their style, artworks, and the societal and political themes that inspired them.

Afterwards, we allow time for questions and further discussion, encouraging participants to share their own responses and ideas.

Art Club will be presented at Incinerator Gallery and runs from 10am to 11.30am monthly on a Tuesday.

Please note: We will do our best to keep to schedule but dates and themes may change with limited notice - only people with a ticket will be notified of any changes to this program

Presenter bio

Adrian Montana

Adrian is experienced arts leader in Secondary and Tertiary education, art galleries and museums education and public programming. He has a demonstrated history working in the education management industry and is skilled in Lecturing, Research, Editing, Curriculum development, and Arts management. Adrian has a Masters in Educational Leadership (Monash University) and two separate Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Music composition (La Trobe University).

Art Club Online

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