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Incy Wincy Babies

Tickets essential

$12 — Ticket covers one baby with their carer

Fridays 10.45 to 11.45 am for babies 12—24 months
Fridays 12 noon to 1 pm for babies 0—12 months

26 Apr | 17 May | 14 Jun | 19 Jul | 16 Aug | 6 Sep | 11 Oct | 8 Nov

Designed for babies under 2 with a carer

Embark on an enriching journey with our Barking Spider Creative artist-educator, as they guide caregivers and their little ones through a visual art experience at Incinerator Gallery.

Research affirms the profound impact of positive caregiver interactions on babies’ health and development. In the spirit of supporting these vital bonds, Incy Wincy Babies fosters connections through art engagement. This research-backed initiative not only encourages early exploration and creativity but also creates a warm space for caregivers to connect, ensuring artful beginnings and enduring relationships.

Dress your baby for comfort and floor discovery in this artistic adventure.

Tickets cover 1 child with 1 carer.

Choose the session suitable for your baby’s age. Once filled, tickets can be purchased in the other session.


Presenter bio

Barking Spider Creative devises extraordinary visual and performative stories across art forms. Their practice includes devising image and performative experiences that activate audiences. They interpret the stories of individuals, communities, place, history and science using a combination of art forms including immersive art-installation and performance. Their works transform the way people experience the familiar and encounter the unfamiliar – in museums, galleries, theatres, communities, schools, festivals, residencies and workshops.  Barking Spider Creative is based regionally in Colac, Otway Shire, Victoria.