Art Club November 2020

Art Club – November

Welcome to Art Club online – where the Incinerator Gallery comes to you.

As many of us prepare for the season of holidays, parties and fun, it is timely for us to focus our artful interests towards festive times and a visual showcase of food feasts from art history!

This month art educator Gina Panebianco explore re-imagined scenes of celebratory times in humble homes to lavish banquets. Be curious or disgusted and all the feelings in-between as we look at art, stories and symbolism of food at different times in different places.

Then, stretch your ideas about what art is and the materials artists use with some art made from food,  before experimenting with your own food inspired art at home with the activities below.

Please take a photo of your own artworks and share them on InstagramFacebook, or our Facebook Group Incinerator Art Club.

Use the hashtag #IncineratorGallery so everyone can share and support each other, just as we do during the program at Incinerator Gallery.

Fabulous Food & Festive Feasts

Food paint portraits

Materials needed:

  • food paint of your choice and water to thin food paint if required.
  • paint brush(es) or use your fingers.
  • paper – the bigger the better – photocopy paper, sketch book or reverse side of old calendar pages
  • pencil
  • eraser  

Experiment with coffee, tomato or barbecue sauce, vegemite, dissolved jelly crystals or other foods to make your own fabulous food portraits.

Sketch your portrait first or paint directly onto paper.

Use a photo, magazine, newspaper, or computer screen image as a starting point.

It’s OK to trace the portrait or use the photo or print out as the paper base to paint over with your food paint!

This creative exploration is all about experimentation, if it doesn’t work out as well as you expected consider why, what didn’t work, what could you do differently ? Try this more than once!

Create an Arcimboldo inspired collage

  • Watch the video below as inspiration for your own art making at home.
  • All materials, the process and technique are discussed and shown in the video.
  • Use magazine cut outs of vegetables and fruits, or prepared foods such as desserts, salads, cakes, biscuits, or pasta/meat/fish dishes  to make your own fabulous food collage!

Draw a still life in five steps

  • Watch the video below for easy-to-follow instructions and tips for still life drawing.
  • Set up your still life using your favourite or any objects in your home.
  • All materials, the process and technique are discussed and shown in the video.
  • Have fun drawing an arrangement of still objects of your choice.  

Still life composition tips 

  • Read, view and find out more about composition tips for mobile-phone photographs of still life arrangements below.

10 Still Life Composition Tips For Beginner iPhone Photographers