Ana Tiquia, WORKPLACE, 2019-21, participatory performance, installation.
Ana Tiquia, WORKPLACE, 2019-21, participatory performance, installation.
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Saturday, 13 November
Saturday, 27 November

Register now for your future job interview and join our co-working space for alternative work futures.

WORKPLACE is a participatory live artwork participating in the Incinerator Art Award 2021 that asks: who determines the future of work? Industry? Government? Tech monopolies? What of the voices of current and future workers?
Over two weekends in November, artist and futurist Ana Tiquia invites you to imagine new visions of work amidst a climate of increased precarity.

WORKPLACE centres the worker in future of work debates. While “Big Four” management consultancies produce technocentric future work ‘forecasts’ that displace workers and present increased automation as inevitable and desirable, WORKPLACE aims to address this colonisation of the future and the poverty of people and imagination it produces.

Join Ana for a 30 minute future job interview, and share the work futures you’d like to see. All welcome to apply, no previous experience necessary.

Role, hours, salary and location flexible. Imagination required.

This is a free event. Bookings essential.