Courtesy of Thin Red Lines.
Courtesy of Thin Red Lines.
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Thin Red Lines: Poetry Program

Sunday, 29 May, from 6pm

Thin Red Lines: Poetry Program
Sunday, 29 May, from 6pm

Join us for the closing event for Aeon Resurrection presented by Thin Red Lines. Through a curated poetry program featuring four artists, this event challenges the parameters of performance whilst drawing upon themes presented in the exhibition, culminating in an immersive presentation of language, text and poetry set within the dystopic landscape of the gallery.

Three years ago, THIN RED LINES morphed from concept into tangible reality. Together, we’ve endured so much and been fortunate enough to continue sharing in the beauty of all things poetic. In celebration of the platform and community, we present this special collaboration of curated goodness!

This event serves the dual function of celebrating TRL’s third revolution around the sun, as well as closing out Aeon Resurrection at Incinerator Gallery, in which TRL’s poetic artworks are currently exhibited as a reclamation of public space and showcase of the versatility of language.

We invite audiences and artists alike to join in the magic, and continue creating space for poetry to flourish and the bounds of performance to be transcended.



Thin Red Lines is a quarterly poetry event in Naarm (Melbourne), curated by Thabani Tshuma and Georgia Kartas. TRL creates space for poets and multidisciplinary artists to share their work and challenge the parameters of performance. Featuring four artists at each show, it is an opportunity for audiences to access and experience a curated poetry program.


Shastra Deo

Shastra Deo was born in Fiji, raised in Melbourne, and lives in Brisbane. Her first book, The Agonist (UQP 2017), won the 2016 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and the 2018 ALS Gold Medal. Her second book, The Exclusion Zone, is forthcoming from UQP in 2023. Shastra’s work sits at the intersections of corporeality, memory, prophecy, and play.

Madison Griffiths

Madison Griffiths is a writer, producer and artist. Their work has been published in The Guardian, VICE, Meanjin, The Saturday Paper, Kill Your Darlings, Overland, and more. They are the co-producer of award winning Broadwave podcast Tender. They are a former online editor for Voiceworks and a former broadcaster on 3CR. Madison’s work revolves predominantly around issues concerning women, queerness, identity, digital medias and resistance.

Guido Melo

Guido Melo is an Afro-Brazilian-Latinx multilingual author, poet and Literary Workshop Facilitator based in Naarm (Melbourne). Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Digital Media at Victoria University, his words can be found in Meanjin Quarterly, Overland Magazine, Kill Your Darlings Magazine, Peril Magazine, Colournary Magazine, Mantissa Poetry, Ascension Magazine, SBS Voices, Puentes Review, SBS Portuguese, Cordite Poetry Review, Right Now Human Rights Magazine, Voz Limpia, Alma Preta Jornalismo and Guia Negro News. Guido is a member of the Sweatshop Literacy Movement, a columnist for Negrê and a contributor to Growing Up African in Australia (Black Inc., 2019) and Racism: Stories on Fear, Hate & Bigotry (Sweatshop, 2021).

Jazz Money

Jazz Money is a Wiradjuri poet and artist currently based on Gadigal land. Her practice is centred around the written word while producing works that encompass installation, digital, film and print. Jazz’s writing has been widely performed and published nationally and internationally. Their David Unaipon Award-winning debut collection ‘how to make a basket’ was released in 2021 by University of Queensland Press.