Regen Autonomy, 2022
Regen Autonomy, 2022
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REGEN AUTONOMY – Workshop 5 – Mycelial Bloom

Tuesday, 2 August, 2022, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Mushrooms & Mycelium, our greatest regenerators! A workshop on their amazing functions and learn to make mushroom paper!

About this event

This workshop focuses on the powerful regenerative role mushrooms play in our ecosystem. Mycelium is the filament network underneath a mushroom and acts in incredible ways to sustain the lifecycle of an ecosystem. Joined by incredible mushroom enthusiast, founder of Fungi Solutions and Mycopreneur, Amanda Morglund, we learn about the incredible functions these strange creatures play in our environment.

In the social environment, our role in regeneration can function in many ways like mushrooms. Together, we map the ecological function of Mycelium against our social patterns to illuminate the areas of regeneration we can burst forth into. Using mushrooms to guide us, this workshop engages hands-on action of mushroom paper crafting so we can uncover the mycelium knitting network together. Using waste materials to be created, the beautiful textural paper can be used for a range of incredible purposes. What a great place to start regenerating.

Why this event?

Mycelium play an incredible role in our ecosystem. Mycelium is like the root structure of trees, with mushrooms akin to their flowers. They are the great decomposers in the soil beneath our feet. Slowly covering the earth’s floor of dead matter, Mycelium brings logs, fallen leaves, and other corpses back into life. Mycelial networks span through many different areas and organisms working in collaboration to keep the whole ecosystem functioning and alive. Mycelium acts as nutrient and resource highways that are constantly exchanging sugars and nutrients to benefit everything around them. There is much we can learn from these strange little beings underfoot. A regenerated future for human life and life on Earth must behave much more like mycelium: sharing, exchanging and growing around things in the hopes of transforming them along their lifespan. This session is a dreaming and a doing of how we can interact with these wonderful organisms and take inspiration from the regenerative work they do!

About this event

Co-Founder / Head of Research and Development

Amanda is the Co-Founder at Fungi Solutions. She leads the research and development of our cultures into Mycomaterial products. She brings expertise in innovative social and environmental programs and an enthusiasm for helping others to get involved with cultivating fungi. With initial focus on the development of a targeted recycling program, using the material by-product from the process as circular packaging, Amanda has developed a range of targeted mycelium strains for the remediation of pollutants and the production of Mycomaterials (alternatives to single use plastics, animal by-products and timber milled products).

This workshop is delivered as part of a greater exhibition Regen Autonomy, at Incinerator Gallery focusing on the expressions of regeneration & transformation needed right now. Over 4 weeks we engage many different workshops, communities, artworks and conversations to weave together a new future.