Art Club – April

Welcome to Art Club online – where the Incinerator Gallery comes to you.

Our art educator Gina Panebianco invites you to learn about the history of portraiture from the comfort of your own home.

Please take a photo of your self-portrait drawings and share them on InstagramFacebook, or our Facebook Group Incinerator Art Club.

Use the hashtag #IncineratorArtClub so everyone can share and support each other, just as we do during the program at Incinerator Gallery.

Principles for the development of a complete mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses, especially learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.

Leonardo da Vinci 1452—1519

Leonardo da Vinci, Ginevra de’ Benci c.1474/1478
oil on panel, 38.1 x 37 cm
National Gallery of Art Washington DC, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund, 1967.6.1.a
Raphael, The Alba Madonna, c.1510
oil on panel transferred to canvas, diameter 94.5 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Andrew W. Mellon Collection, 1937.1.24
Johannes Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance, c.1664
oil on canvas, 62.9 x 58.4 x 7.6 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Widener Collection, 1942.9.97
Jean Honoré Fragonard, Young Girl Reading, c.1769
oil on canvas, 104.9 x 89.5 x 2.2 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Gift of Mrs. Mellon Bruce in memory of her father, Andrew W. Mellon, 1961.16.1

Rapid Contour Line Self-portraits

You will need:

  • paper or card
  • something to draw with; pen, biro, pencil
  • mirror or camera
  • comfortable space to draw
  • an open heart and mind

Take a photo of yourself on your mobile phone or use a mirror.

Look at your selfie or mirror image closely for a minute – really focus on your face, bows, eyes, nose.. See the shapes.

Draw as fast as you can using one, long continuous line to record the details on your face.

Do not look at your paper. Do not lift your pen off the paper until you are finished. This will mean there are overlapping lines all over your drawing and face.

Share your responses, self-portraits, favourite artworks, artists and exhibitions using the hashtag #IncineratorArtClub