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Incy Wincy Babies – July

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This month our Barking Spider Visual Theatre artist Laura invites you to join in this creative activity from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Weather-based sound environment

To create your weather-based soundscape you will need to collect some items and create some sound play objects.

There are so many wonderful household materials you could use for your own sound environment. Be playful and creative with exploring objects and materials you could use to recreate weather sounds.

Here are some examples of materials you could use:

  • leaves and branches for the sounds of wind
  • shaker seed pods for the sounds of rain
  • pots, boxes and kitchen utensils for crashing thunder and the sounds of a storm
  • water in plastic tub or bucket for the sounds of a river flowing and of splashing in puddles


To make a homemade rain-stick collect:

  • some rice, dried beans or legumes that will make different sounds as it falls through the tube
  • cardboard rolls from paper towel, wraps or toilet paper
  • pipe cleaners or straws to slow down the fall of the filling
  • sticky or masking tape

Tape one end of the roll closed, put inside a coiled up pipe cleaner and your rice, beans or legumes before taping up the other end.

Hail balls

Scrunch up a sheet of newspaper or pages from a magazine into the shape of a ball.

Use the white masking tape to completely cover the newspaper.


As you and your baby create your own weather soundscape explore:

How do the materials and objects sound on their own?

How do they sound when combined with other materials and objects?

Do the sounds they make remind you of sounds the weather creates?

Describe to your baby what the sky would look like.

Can you create your own storm soundscape?

Please keep in mind these objects are not intended as a toy for your baby play with but rather something for them to observe and listen to you interacting with.