Arty Tales Nov 2021

Arty Tales – November 2021

Welcome to Arty Tales online – where the Incinerator Gallery comes to you

Laura, our Barking Spider Visual Theatre artist and storyteller invites you and your pre-schooler to join in this creative story and activity from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Tea party with imaginary friends

This month’s play activity is all about imagination, creation and nature play! We’ll be inventing our very own imaginary friends, bringing them to life and having a tea party together!

In the video Laura has used a cardboard box to construct her imaginary friends. However, you could build your creatures using whatever materials you have in your home. The materials Laura found in her house included:

  • recycled cardboard
  • ribbons
  • feathers
  • sticky tape
  • bubble wrap
  • tissue paper
  • textas
  • coloured paper
  • streamers.

As with the other programs Laura encourages you to adapt this activity for the resources you have at home.

The tea party is designed to be created by your child using natural objects and plant matter they have found outside. Encourage them to go on a treasure hunt around the garden, neighbourhood or local park to see what natural resources they can find. In this video Laura used leaves, flowers, bark and created a mud pie using water and soil.

You might like to set your tea party up outside and explore and play together with the new friends your child has created in their imagination and constructed at home.

Laura reminds you to bring a sense of play and fun to this activity.

We hope you enjoy entering the imaginative world of your child as they share their make-believe tea party with you and their imaginary friends. Please share a photo with us on social media using the #IncineratorGallery.

Arty Tales Nov 2021
Laura’s tea party