Mira Oosterweghel, (Bone with a hole), 2021, performance, used shearer’s moccasins, lamb skin, HD video, monitors. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Nick James Archer.
Mira Oosterweghel, Bone with a hole 2021, installation view BLINDSIDE
Mira Oosterweghel, Research drawing 2021
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Soiled feet rammed dirt: Mira Oosterweghel

10 June 2022 - 17 July 2022


Artist(s): Mira Oosterweghel

Location: The Atrium

Soiled feet rammed dirt is a text and spatial installation that responds to the history and industrial architecture of Incinerator Gallery. This new project by Mira Oosterweghel is informed as a new iteration of Bone with a hole—exploring the artist’s childhood memories of spending time on her grandparents’ farm, consuming and reproducing stories of labour and landscape.

In the centre of the gallery suspends a sculpture resembling a farm fence made of soft lambskin and dirty used shearer’s moccasins. A text work redacted from a Banjo Patterson poem embellishes the gallery’s glass entrance in green vinyl lettering and gold leaf.

Soiled feet rammed dirt is a collective enmeshment of the artist’s childhood memories, inherently indoctrinated into settler narratives: reciting Banjo Patterson poems in school; nostalgic smells of sheep poo; and leather working in her grandparent’s shearing shed.

Exploring formative memories of consuming and reproducing stories of labour and landscape, Mira employs humour and a queer gaze to reflect on these experiences, whilst considering the relationship between the Essendon Incinerator as a monument designed to conceal the ugliness of industry and the falsity of Australian pastoral narratives.