Sevim Dogan Ozkan, The Room, 2020, archival scan. Image courtesy of the artist.
Max Iannantuono, From what I remember (detail), archival photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.
Ali Choudhry, I Am Home, 2021, video and asynchronous audio. Soundtrack composed by Timothy Fairless.
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Call me home

10 June 2022 - 17 July 2022


Artist(s): Ali Choudhry, Sevim Dogan Ozkan, Max Iannantuono

Location: Boadle Hall

Call me home is a group exhibition by artists and photographers, Ali Choudhry, Sevim Dogan Ozkan, and Max Iannantuono. A central tenet within the exhibition is the exploration of home and the instability of the concept as confined within the traditional constructs of geography, race, or international borders.

Memory is employed as a tool for sharing oral and visual histories, which are extracted from personal archives and repurposed into artworks spanning installation, video, photobooks, and text. While each artist draws from a deeply familial and personal position on culture, identity, and nostalgia, collectively, they are each conscious of the limits and possibilities of representing home as neither locality nor ideal.

Join us for the opening of Call me home in Boadle Hall, alongside Incinerator's other June exhibitions, Centre for Reworlding Presents: Resurgence curated by Claire G. Coleman and Jen Rae in the Main Gallery and Soiled feet rammed dirt by Mira Oosterweghel in the Atrium.

Opening event: Friday 10 June, 6 - 8pm

Ali Choudhry is a Melbourne-based photographer, currently pursing his BA (Honours) in photography at RMIT. His practice uses photography as a tool to explore the relationships which exist within ourselves, between one another, and with the world around us. Through use of minimalist compositions and selective use of color and form, he aims to invoke what he calls a ‘breath’ to all his images. His work has been shortlisted for the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize, the Incinerator Award, and the Robyn Beeche Foundation Award, and others.



Sevim Dogan Ozkan is a photographer, writer and artist based in Melbourne. She is a recent graduate of RMIT and has previous studies in photojournalism. Sevim's work derives from the notions of identity, belonging, memory and her childhood which she describes as extremely different from her children's childhood. Sevim was the winner of the 5th Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award 2021. She was also a finalist in Robyn Beech Photography Award, Ballarat International Foto Biennale GradFoto 2021 award and others in previous years. 

Instagram @sevimdoganphotography


Max Iannantuono is a 22 year old photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, primarily focusing on fashion and commercial work. Max pushes photographs to the extremes by use of analogue and digital. Through experimentation of process, glitching, scanning and manipulation of colour his begins to explore and understanding of ideas we can't express by words or conventional mediums. Their work has appeared in magazines and online publications including Mob Journal and Roidx. They were the First Prize Winner of the Robyn Beeche Foundation in 2021.