Current exhibitions

Exhibitions at the Incinerator Gallery

There are no current exhibitions in the Gallery, check the upcoming exhibitions page for details.

The Billboard Project

The Billboard Project is a series of large format photographic billboards that create unexpected public galleries in and around the Keilor Road Shops in Niddrie.

The locations can be discovered around Wallace Mall, and they connect to the billboard in the front garden of the Incinerator Gallery.

These public sites feature changing exhibitions by some of Melbourne's best contemporary artists. Elvis Richardson, Clare Rae, Zoe Croggon, Petrina Hicks, Mike Read, Genevieve Grieves, Dianne Jones, James Voller and Steven Rhall have all exhibited in these spaces.

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Offsite exhibitions

LiXiang Werribee River Book 300dpi

A River Runs Through It: Xiang Li

A River Runs Through It is a solo exhibition by artist Xiang Li, which aims to bring awareness to the essential role of rivers and wetlands as ecosystems and habitats for local wildlife. Informed by research conducted with the assistance of the Werribee River Association and the Werribee Riverkeeper, Xiang calls to mind the modern-day…

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Lowe Susan Blue Awakening 2021

Intersection: Susan Jane Lowe

Intersection by artist Susan Jane Lowe explores the intersection of image and surface in artworks through new and unexpected ways. Susan’s current practice can be framed as a direct response to the different textures, surfaces, and materials found in the printmaking process. Her encounters with ‘chance’ and ‘accident’ in the studio are paramount, informing her…

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the billabong rigby 2021 Mj edit

Fire, trees, and water: Michael Rigby

Fire, trees, and water is a new exhibition of monotype prints by artist Michael Rigby, exploring the transformation of natural landscapes, cities, and towns altered by human and environmental pressures. Observing dramatic shifts at a macro and micro level, Rigby uses his skills in tone, line, and gesture that reflect both the human hand and…

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