Jayanto Tan, RITUAL MY BEAUTIFUL CURSE (CAP GO MEH), 2021, installation view Verge Gallery
Jayanto Tan, NO FRIEND BUT THE GHOSTS (CENG BENG), 2021, installation view 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Jayanto Tan, Ritual Ceng Beng, 2021, mixed media
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Ritual Ceng Beng: Jayanto Tan

11 November 2022 - 15 January 2023


Artist(s): Jayanto Tan

Location: The Atrium

In Ritual Ceng Beng, artist Jayanto Tan draws inspiration from a family tradition experienced within everyday life—the ritual of offering food made by his mother. These ceramic food offerings were created by Jayanto whilst in conversation with his family and friends during COVID-19 lockdowns. Navigating personal racial attacks, gender identity, migration and familial narratives, these charged conversations are rendered and translated into ceramic still-lives—or ‘soul foods’—and are offered as everyday ritual within the gallery space.

Through his love of delicious, colourful and authentic sweets—and the love of sharing them with friends and acquaintances—Jayanto creates a place for spiritual gathering that metaphorically and theatrically represents a temple of love. For this exhibition, the Atrium at Incinerator Gallery is considered like a house or a welcoming shelter for everyone to celebrate the unconditional love. Here the act of sharing and gathering is a reminder of the good times with family and friends, and of fond memories and togetherness. Inspired by Sumatran ceremony, Jayanto’s installation offers a space for ritual, mediation, healing and time alone, articulated through a contemporary arts practice. With an emphasis on vibrant colours, Jayanto delivers a personal expression of identity and pride culminating as a celebration of liberation and creative freedom within multicultural Australia.