Abbra Kotlarcyzk, Sensuous grid seek antithesis, 2022, installation view Watch This Space. Photograph by Sara Maiorino
Abbra Kotlarcyzk, Tense drunken earth seeks insurgent geology (detail), 2022, installation view at Bus Projects. Photograph by Lauren Dunn.
Abbra Kotlarcyzk, A sonorous draft; a lexicon of windjamming (detail), 2021, installation view at BLINDSIDE. Photograph by Christo Crocker.
Abbra Kotlarcyzk, fondant ground (detail), 2022, installation view West Space.
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anti-aria for ater

6 July 2024 - 8 September 2024


Artist(s): Abbra Kotlarczyk

Location: The Atrium

This exhibition is the final instalment in a three-part series of exhibition reading rooms by artist Abbra Kotlarczyk that are centred around genealogy, familial history, material kinship and queer modes of reading and resistance. 

anti-aria for ater- is relates with Incinerator Gallery’s architecture and histories, intersecting with Abbra’s autobiographical narrative as a migrant through poetics. The exhibition title draws on the historic functions of the site as a furnace, whereby the etymology of the word ‘ater’  is fire, ‘aria’ is air, and ‘anti' is utilised to express creative ideas of extinction and extermination, which may lead to rebirth and rejuvenation. 

While creating this exhibition, Abbra incorporated a walking practice along the nearby Maribyrnong River as an expressive act of uniting local place with her family narratives. In this case being the cremation of the artist’s grandfather in Australia followed by the return of his ashes to a significant river in his homeland of Poland. 

Abbra Kotlarczyk

Abbra Kotlarczyk (born Mullumbimby, Arakwal Country, based Naarm/Melbourne, so-called Australia) maintains a research-based practice that is articulated through modes of conceptual art making and writing of criticism, poetry and prose. She is an independent curator and academic editor for socially-engaged, practice-led artistic research. Her practice is hinged on visual, linguistic and increasingly sensorial modes of inquiry that take place trans-historically through expanded notions of care, labour, queerness, publication, citizenry and embodied poetics.

Friday, 5 July, 6-8pm

The opening night, with speeches and a Welcome to Country, will be held at Incinerator Gallery alongside exhibitions These Arms Hold and EPAR OPAR.

Performance: Choral Reading

Saturday, 3 August, 2pm
Free—Registrations recommended

Join artist Abbra Kotzlarczyk for a choral reading of her new work produced for The Atrium.

Premised as a staggered and overlapping multi-vocal piece to occur in-situ, this performance will incorporate live and found sonic elements, incorporating site responsive research into the Incinerator architecture and its functional mechanics. 

Drawing upon the exhibition's overarching themes, this performance also incorporates socio-cultural lineages/stories of the Maribyrnong catchment and broader migrant poetics.