Bright Sparks

Poster exhibition for Moonee Valley students from Prep to Year 10

Incinerator Gallery invites school students who live or study in Moonee Valley to enter the Bright Sparks poster exhibition.  

Posters will be accepted at Incinerator Gallery from 21 September to 24 November during regular opening hours (Tuesday to Sunday, 11–4).


Let's Make Food Magic

Draw, paint, or collage your favourite foods. Make them colourful, fun, and delicious in any medium you like—let your imaginations sizzle! Think about what makes your best foods special. Are they the vibrant colours of rainbow salads, the gooey cheese on pizzas, or the sweetness of perfect ice cream cones? Try to capture that magic in your artwork. Create a serious realistic food poster or imagine your food coming to life with smiles, googly eyes, and their own distinct personalities. Or create fantastical worlds where your foods are superheroes on adventures. Maybe they become friendly monsters, or cute creatures. The possibilities are as endless. Pick up your art supplies, and turn your favourite food into works of art that will make everyone's imaginations run wild and their mouths water.

Posters may be created from any medium; for example, paint, felt tipped pens, ink, photograph, digital print to name a few. Collaged artworks must be able to withstand handling and storage without elements falling off. Pastel or charcoal works must have been sprayed with fixative so not to smudge. 

Posters will be displayed at Incinerator Gallery from Friday, 1 December 2023 to Sunday, 21 January 2024. 


The Bright Sparks exhibition will open alongside Fireworks on Friday, 6 December at 6pm.

Prizes to be awarded at the opening are:

  • Mayoral Award for Bright Sparks $50 art supplies voucher
  • Incinerator Bright Sparks Award $50 art supplies voucher
  • Posters will be accepted at Incinerator Gallery from 21 September to 24 November 2024 during regular opening hours (Tuesday to Sunday, 11–4).
  • Posters may be posted or hand-delivered.
    • Address: 180 Holmes Road, Aberfeldie, 3040.
    • Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm.
  • All posters must have a completed entry form secured to the back.
  • Teachers may enter their classes' posters as a batch of entries.
  • Families may enter their children's posters individually.
  • Posters must be flat 2-dimensional works on paper.
  • Posters can be no larger than A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) in size.
  • Entry is open to students from Prep to Year 10 only.
  • 1 entry per student.
  • Students must attend school or live within the City of Moonee Valley
  • Posters must have a completed entry form secured to the back.
  • Posters sent digitally to must also include an attached completed entry form.
  • Posters must be collected from the Gallery between 11am—4pm from Tuesday, 4 to Sunday, 9 February 2025.
  • Contact the Gallery to make any alternate arrangements outside of these times. 
  • Any works not collected by 9 February will be disposed of at the discretion of the Gallery.
  • Incinerator Gallery will do their best to ensure as many posters as possible are displayed but cannot guarantee all entries will be displayed
  • Posters may be digitised and displayed on screens across Council venues, published on MVCC websites and social media channels in order to promote the Bright Sparks exhibition and Incinerator Gallery.

Interpretation of the theme

  • How well does the poster reflect the theme? Does it effectively capture the participant's individual interpretation, showcasing their unique perspective, and personal connection to the theme?

Creativity and originality

  • Are there distinctive elements or innovative ideas that make this poster stand out from others?

Aesthetic appeal

  • Are colour, shape, and composition used effectively to create a visually pleasing and harmonious poster that captures the essence of the theme?

Storytelling or personal connection

  • Does the poster tell a compelling story or provide insights into the participant's life, dreams, memories or experiences?

Use of materials

  • Is the poster well-executed with attention to neatness, precision, and overall presentation that enhances the visual impact and is suitable for display in Incinerator Gallery?

Privacy Statement:

  • Moonee Valley City Council (Council) is collecting your personal information through this form in order to obtain your permission to use your photo/video/film or interview for publication on our website, social media channels, print media, advertising, etc. Your information and your child’s information will be stored in Councils document management system. Council will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except where required to do so by law.
  • Contact to request access to your personal information. For further information on how your personal information is handled, refer to Council’s Information Privacy Policy (
  • Contact Council’S Communications Department on 03 9243 8888 for more information.

Child safe statement:

  • Moonee Valley City Council is committed to being a Child Safe Organisation ( with zero tolerance for child abuse, and will protect the interests and safety of children at all times in accordance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards ( and related legislation.

If you have any further questions, contact the Incinerator Gallery on 9243 1750 or email