24 April—

Exclusive online exhibition launching in

HTTP.PARADISE is a virtual exhibition and immersive experience in digital realms. Presented via the Incinerator Gallery website, this exhibition explores positions in video art, music video and hypnotic moving images that imagine alternative visions for the future. During a time of physical distancing and global concerns of community health,HTTP.PARADISE connects radical narratives as a means to explore contemporary politics, autonomy, spirituality and identity. Within a dystopian present, the promise of paradise is questioned, paving way for social change and communal evolution, where we may empathetically and collectively engage through virtual worlds.


Artists: Angela Tiatia, Bridget Chappell + Patrick Hase, Corin Ileto + Tristan Jalleh, Felix ter Hedde + Hannah Hotker, Hannah Brontë, Louise Terra + Rachel Feery, Mohamed Chamas, Youjia Lu.