Sydney/Gadigal-based artist Tané Andrews looks towards the organic movements of nature to find subtle ripples of inspiration and connectivity. In Static of Nature (2019) a kinetic sculpture comprising of a motorised plinth gently rocks a ceramic plate, upon which rolls a South Sea pearl. The movement of the plate rhythmically mimics the ebb and flow of waves, symbolically echoing the tidal currents, and creates a meditative sound that entrances and slows us down. 

A south sea pearl is slowly rocked back and forth on the surface of a white unglazed ceramic plate.
Employing both robotic and organic materials; the work references subtle variations found within natural repetition, the movement of continuous water eroding across sand, and the creation of the pearl itself.
These soft random movements, speak to an investigation into the cadence and depth of natural rhythms
– where beyond pulse and breath we share a connective modulation and tempo with every living thing.
These inflections are as individuated as any aspect of our connected physiology. In a sense they measure us.


Tané Andrews

Tane Andrews

The Static of Nature 2017
video (duration 42 seconds),
south sea pearl, porcelain, motor,
electronic device, wood plinth

The Making of The Static of Nature 2017

Film by James Aiken
Music by Tane Andrews
Images by Traianos Pakioufakis