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The Billboard Project

2 March 2020 - 23 May 2020


Artist(s): Anne Algar


This series of artworks in The Billboard Project are about the journey of an iceberg. They are also a comment on global warming, and the impermanence of the landscape.

The images reflect and show the iceberg’s trajectory from glacial masses, to dislodgement, to floating on rivers of their own melted water, to their final destination, the ocean.

The Billboard series highlights glacial blue ice, which is very old, compressed ice, that contains the history of the earth’s climate.

The three images are on display at Incinerator Gallery, on Keilor Road and in Wallis Mall, Niddrie. The images were captured in Iceland.

Recently, a 700 year old Icelandic glacier called ‘OK’ lost its glacial status and was declared dead ice, as it had succumbed to global warming.

Image credit: Anne Algar, Diamond Beach, 2019, digital print