Standing Still 2018

standing still; looking back, looking forward

2 June 2018 - 29 July 2018


Artist(s): Dean Cross, Brad Darkson, Amala Groom & Nicole Monks, Ashley Perry and Katie West. Curated by Jessica Clark


standing still; looking back, looking forward celebrates First Nations identities today, yesterday and tomorrow. Featuring new works by Dean Cross, Brad Darkson, Amala Groom & Nicole Monks, Ashley Perry and Katie West, this exhibition is a testimony to the non-prescription of the Aboriginal experience, asserting the complexities of navigating culture and sovereign knowledge through a range of interdisciplinary ideas, methods and media.

The selected artists offer new perspectives on Aboriginality that intersect and celebrate non-linear concepts of time, the continuing practice of culture, and self-determination in a contemporary urban context. The works in standing still; looking back, looking forward, collectively highlight the plurality of life across and between the multiples in cultures – promoting and provoking knowledges and understandings of the diaspora of Aboriginality as a contemporary experience.