Shadowlands: Aylsa McHugh

9 April 2021 - 6 June 2021

The work in Shadowlands is the result of my ongoing investigations into marrying seemingly heterogeneous subject matter to create new and ambiguous readings. This body of work sees me pairing images of vintage hair models with images of sculptures from the modernist period. The resultant assemblages, which enact simultaneously unsettling and elegant juxtapositions, inhabit an uncanny space and a narrative emerges that is divergent from the intention of the source material. I’m interested in the innate tendency of human psychology to find connections, patterns and familiarity in inanimate objects. A commonly occurring perception delusion, known as pareidolia (a type of apophenia) that demands us to see order where none exists.

Image credit: Alysa McHugh, Figure (Oread) 2020, archival pigment print.

Artist: Aylsa McHugh

Alysa McHugh Figure Oread 2020 archival pigment print.