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Natural/unnatural, the beauty in the discarded: Simone Alesich

8 July 2022 - 27 November 2022


Artist(s): Simone Alesich

Location: Avondale Heights Library and Learning Centre

Discarded plastic creates ugliness and causes the death of animals, particularly in oceans and waterways. Natural/unnatural, the beauty in the discarded is a solo exhibition by Simone Alesich that reflects on the items that we so casually create and discard, recreating them in a form that is beautiful and reflects the natural environment. The drawings of sea foam evoke topographical maps created by explorers, reflecting on the human dominance of the natural world. The artworks remind us that everything we create is ultimately connected to our environment around us.

Simone Alesich is a Melbourne-based mixed media artist and jeweller. She works in a range of textiles, sculpture, collage and drawing, using various natural and found materials. Simone is passionate about sustainability, and inspired by natural forms as well as Japanese aesthetics. Her artworks often explore the theme of imagined worlds, as well as reflecting on the natural environment.