Baab 02: Mohamed Chamas

18 June 2021 - 1 August 2021


Artist(s): Mohamed Chamas

Location: Atrium Space

Baab 02 is a mixed reality (MR) installation that acts as a speculative, ceremonial altar for glimpsing the barzakh.

The Islamic barzakh—meaning ‘veil’ or ‘barrier’—conceals humans from the celestial planes. The barzakh does not act as a wall, but rather an imaginal, intermediary space of abstract proportions. One attends the barzakh when dreaming and—after life ends—awaits eschatological judgement in this same space. Here the djinn (genies) roam; ephemeral, pre-adamic beings, which shape spiritual, social and ancestral understandings among Folk Islamic groups.

The work seeks to attain a moment of spiritual awareness through one’s knowing of indivisibility (and the profound aloneness that intercedes it). Such knowing gives rise to witnessing an ubiquitous divine presence—Irfan. These qualities swirl through the installation’s sculptural offerings in geomantic and geometric harmony, ultimately stationing into the Virtual Reality device to create illuminated passage within the open air.  An agential intra-action of the spirit is achieved through sensual transience, digital pilgrimage and embodied play.