Landscape Familia

10 November 2020 - 29 November 2020

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Initially intended as a non-figurative portrait project exploring the lives of ancestors that lived within the Moonee Valley City Council area; both the onset of COVID-19 and the aspects of family research that called to her insistently, have seen Anzara’s exhibition focus turn to family identity and inheritance across a number of domains

Image: Anzara Clark, Dress of Solitary Musings. 2020.110cm high x 90cm wide x 8cm deep Various papers, threads, paper thread, paper yarn, found objects.

Artist: Anzara Clark

Anzara Clark’s practice focuses on the application of textile techniques to paper. Clark uses new and repurposed papers, along with textiles and other recycled and found materials to explore layered narratives and visual poetics. Garment forms and fragments feature prominently in her work as rich vehicles for storytelling and visual poetry. Repetitive processes obscure the nature of her materials until viewed closely and her forms challenge assumptions about material value.

Dress of Solitary Musings.