Fireworks 2018

20180224 - 20180318

24 February – 18 March

Discover the next generation of artists from Moonee Valley at the Fireworks 2018 exhibition.

Fireworks is an annual art and design awards and exhibition for Years 11 and 12 students who live, work or attend school in Moonee Valley.

Works from 25 shortlisted artists will be exhibited at the Incinerator Gallery.

Artist: Olga Alexandrou, Amelia Amato, Kristie Anderson, Emily Arenas Zarate, Jasmine Bonnici, Millicent Cram, Thomas Emerson, Amanda Gao, Katja Heard, Sabine L'Eveille, Imogen Low, Daisy Mahoney, Bridget McAllister, Dayna McCarthy, Ruby Malcolm-Black, Dean Pilioglou, Luca Riboni, Shanelle Senaratne, Letitia Seng, Chloe Tabone, Giorgia Tigani, Jennifer Tran, Katherine Ure, Arielle Vlahiotis, and Timothy Walker.

Fireworks 2018