9 April 2021 - 6 June 2021

(False)–Relationality presents complex questions surrounding the agency of place, and Indigenous ways of Knowing. Artists from both the ‘So-Called-Australian’ and New Zealand contexts, use their artistic practices and lived-experience to broach these dynamics in critical and emancipatory ways.

Relationality is a foundational pillar for an Indigenous way of Knowing, enmeshing the material and immaterial worlds into a matrix of relations that inform our reality of the world around us. Lore and Tikanga are ways of doing, a conceptual framework based on notions of ancestral continuum and the passing down of codes, which embed land, sea, and sky within our consciousness. As relationships do not merely shape our reality, but are our reality, an Indigenous onto-epistemology emerges. The Indigenous world preferences the doing as equal importance to knowing, and cannot be separated from each other. We hold relational accountability with our community and whakawhanaunga, with Country and Whenua and with the Dreaming.

Image credit: Sam Harrison, Butterfly Effect 2019, acrylic on MDF board.

Artist: Dean Cross, Sam Harrison, Nikau Hindin and Michael Tuhanuku. Curated by Moorina Bonini and Tyson Campbell

Sam Harrison Butterfly Effect 2019 acrylic on MDF board