Black Magic 2019

Black Magic

20 January 2018 - 18 February 2019


Artist(s): Peter Waples-Crowe, Dianne Jones, Todd Fernando, Neika Lehman, Jeremy Anderson and Kent Monkman. Guest curator Maddee Clark.


Black Magic features works by queer, trans, gender diverse and sistergirl/brotherboy Indigenous artists. Who explore the impact of Christian white sensibility on sexual politics in Australia.

Mainstream LGBTIQ culture can exclude the voices of the queer, trans and sistergirl/brotherboy First Nations but here artists tell their own stories that interrogate the colonial construction of Indigenous peoples as savage, silent and straight.

Black Magic refers both to the stigmatised and derogatory constructions of First Nations sexualities as demonic, devilish, and immoral, as well as the unique abilities of the LGBTIQ and sistergirl/brotherboy First Nations to resist and create. Eroticism, Indigenous bodies, and humour are presented as sites of resilience, vibrancy, and sovereignty.