Anatol Pitt, Noughts and Crosses (detail), 2023, etched acrylic.
Anatol Pitt, Noughts and Crosses (detail), 2023, etched acrylic.
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All these eyes were mine

20 April 2024 - 23 June 2024


Artist(s): Anatol Pitt

Location: Boadle Hall

This exhibition takes inspiration from Italo Calvino's short story ‘The Spiral, which humorously explores the evolutionary journey of eyes from the perspective of a mollusc. In this story, an exchange of gazes unfolds between animals and humans, culminating in the mollusc returning the human gaze from beneath the water's surface. The exhibition explores surfaces as paradoxical entities, serving as barriers and bridges between realms.  

Centring on the concepts of eyes, windows, and camera lenses as surfaces, the exhibition unveils them as repositories of histories, interactions, and relationships. Through drawing and installation, it aims to deconstruct the act of looking, contemplating how it is channelled through technology and scientific inquiry. 

Anatol Pitt

Anatol Pitt is an artist, writer and arts worker based in Melbourne/Naarm. He works primarily with photography and video to think through relationships between perception, landscape, technology and history.

He has held roles at Bus Projects, Gertrude Contemporary, West Space and Buxton Contemporary.

Friday, 19 April, 6-8pm

The opening night, with speeches and a Welcome to Country, will be held at Incinerator Gallery alongside exhibitions The light draws along… and fruits, flowers, and a psychoscape.

More information coming soon.