Michael Rigby, Small connections, 2022, Ascot Vale Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Simone Alesich, Natural/unnatural: the beauty in the discarded, 2022, Avondale Heights Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Portrait of Lisa Buckland Secret Forest, 2022, Crown Street Stables. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Portrait of Michael Rigby, Fire, trees, water, 2022, Crown Street Stables. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Curated by Tegan Iversen, In a book, 2022, Niddrie Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Portrait of Tegan Iversen, In a book, 2022, Niddrie Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Xiang Li, A River Runs Through It, 2022, Ascot Vale Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
Simone Nelson, Seventh Floor, 2022, Flemington Library. Photo by Lucy Foster.
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Offsite Exhibitions

Incinerator Gallery presents exhibitions throughout Moonee Valley including MV Libraries and Crown Street Stables. Offsite exhibitions are best suited to artists or community groups presenting solo or small group shows in two-dimensional media.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Curatorial and installation assistance
  • Marketing and promotion
  • 12-week exhibition
  • Public program development opportunity

The call for proposals for 2024 have now closed. Applications for 2025 will open in June 2024.

Interested in exhibiting in Boadle Hall? Find out more.

Selection Criteria

The following categories will be used to assess submissions:

  • Artistic Merit: This category evaluates the visual and aesthetic quality of your artwork, taking into consideration your use of form, color, composition, and other elements of visual language. This category evaluates your conceptual communication of the ideas behind your artwork, and will be judged on how well the visual qualities of the artwork demonstrate these concepts.
  • Technical Merit: This category evaluates your technical skills in executing your chosen medium. Your submission will be judged on how well you have mastered your medium and materials, including your attention to detail and precision in execution.
  • Consideration of the exhibition space and local area: This category evaluates the degree to which your artwork acknowledges the site-specific nature of the exhibition venue. This includes consideration of the local area, history, or community.
  • Public Engagement and Communication of Ideas: This category evaluates your consideration and ideas to present a public program at Incinerator Gallery as part of your exhibition.

Proposals for Offsite Exhibitions for 2024 will open Saturday, 1 June 2024 at 12am and close Sunday, 30 June 2024 at 11.59pm.

  1. Proposals
    • Proposals will only be accepted between Saturday, 1 June and Sunday, 30 June 2024. Only online submissions will be accepted.
    • All information included in the proposal must be true. Incorrect information may make proposals ineligible and the Artist may be held responsible for any loss caused to the organiser.
    • It is free to apply.
  2. Eligibility
    • Artworks must have been created within the last five years.
    • Artworks must be 2-dimensional and ready to hang.
    • Proposals are only accepted from Artists currently living and working in Australia.
    • Moonee Valley City Council employees, volunteers, and councillors, or their family members, relatives or household members are ineligible to enter.
  1. Artist Responsibilities
    • Artists must ensure that they can meet all Terms and Conditions before submitting their application.
    • The artwork must be available for the duration of the exhibition.
    • Artists agree that:
      • The artwork is their sole original work.
      • The Artist has the power to grant the rights under the artwork.
      • The Artist has obtained any appropriate releases, including locations, collaborators, and/or performers.
      • The Artist is entitled to reproduce any rights in the artwork.
      • The Artist will compensate the organiser against any loss resulting from breach of these promises.
  1. Exhibition Conditions
    • All artworks selected for the exhibition remain the property of the Artist.
    • The Artist is responsible for the packaging and transportation of the artwork to and from the Gallery within the time period set.
    • The final layout of the exhibition is determined by Incinerator Gallery. All efforts of site-specific installation will be considered, but may not be accommodated.
    • Incinerator Gallery will install and de-install artworks.
    • The Artist is responsible for providing the equipment required to exhibit the artwork.
    • All artworks and supplied equipment must comply with OH&S standards. See gov.au/occupational-health-and-safety-act-and-regulations.
    • The Artist must complete and sign the Artist Exhibition Agreement and return within the requested timeframe.
    • Artworks will be insured by Moonee Valley City Council for the duration of the exhibition and installation period. This does not include during transportation.
    • Moonee Valley City Council will not be responsible for artworks not collected within the time period specified by Incinerator Gallery and will be disposed of at the discretion of Council.
  2. Use of Images
    • The Artist will include with their proposal a high-resolution image (at least 1600 pixels wide at 300DPI) of the entered work.
    • It is recognised that authorship and copyright of works entered belongs to the artist.
    • If selected, the Artist gives permission for Moonee Valley City Council to use:
      • images of artworks;
      • their name, biographical details and likeness for marketing purposes;
      • the Artist will be attributed to the work as reasonably possible wherever the image is reproduced.
    1. Selection
      • Decisions for selections are final and appeals will not be considered.
      • Incinerator Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject any artworks proposed.

Q. What does it mean to consider the exhibition venue?

This means that you have given thought to how artworks will be displayed in the space given the constraints of the venue, such as multifunctional use as a library or cafe.



Applications open: Saturday, 1 June 2024

Applications close: Sunday, 30 June 2024

Successful applicants notified by: Thursday 1 August 2024