Flight Path (I Want to Believe)

31 March 2020 - 7 June 2020

Opening night: Friday 3 April, 6–8pm. Free, all welcome.

Flight paths are invisible maps that record global travel. By following the path of a vehicle in flight two disparate geographical points become invisibly linked. Taking the idea of invisible linkages as its conceptual starting point, this exhibition uses everyday materials to record and translate the flight paths made by Julia’s father through all the miles he ever flew.

An avid record keeper, Julia’s father annotated his life through numbers and charts. In making Flight Path, the empirical nature of this data has been transformed into a soft sculpture drawing by using waste paper. His bills, pamphlets, and receipts have been used as the filling for cut-up blankets that are then stitched and pinned in loops. These textile lines circle back onto themselves in never-ending echoes and reverberations—reminiscent of aviation aerial pathways. Glossy pink props elevate the sculpture above the floor to heights that correspond with significant mileages taken from Julias father’s travel record.

Image credit: Flight Path Sketch, 2020, coloured pencil on paper

Artist: Julia Powles

i want to believe by Julia Powles