SJA4Ts Oct 21 c

Social Justice Art for Teens – October 2021

Understanding art worlds

This month’s video is all about developing the studio habit of mind – Understanding Art Worlds.

Artists are inspired by so much that happens in the world as well as works by other artists and creative people. Social justice art educator Francine Sculli explores different social justice art works to get you inspired and thinking about our own arts practice. So that you too can contribute to art world conversations about the issues you care about.

Share your artworks with Francine and other SJA4T artists on the Padlet link. Watch the video for details on how to do this.

Download the printable planning sheets

SJA4Ts Oct 21 a
SJA4Ts Oct 21 b

Where the Incinerator Gallery comes to you

Our artist educator Francine Sculli invites you to join along with these creative activities from the comfort of your own home. Please take a photo of your artworks, share your favourite social justice artist and artworks or ask your questions.

Join Incinerator Social Justice Art for Teens group on Facebook for inspiration and get connected with other young artists wanting to express their views. Use your art to raise awareness and make a difference.

Use the hashtag #IncineratorGallery so everyone can share and support each other, just as we do during the program at Incinerator Gallery.