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Slow Art Day

Saturday, 1pm, 4 April


The longer we engage with an artwork the more we are able to think more deeply about it. We to notice increasing details and allow ourselves to fully experience works of art. This unhurried time improves our observation skills and as with other relaxation activities, like mindfulness and meditation, when done regularly provides a broad range of health and cognitive benefits. Sharing this activity with others helps deepen our appreciation of art and the people we are sharing it with.

Take some time out of your busy week to wind down and look carefully and closely at art. Join us on Slow Art Day where we encourage looking at art through leisurely drawing and conversation activities.

An artist and gallery volunteers will be on hand with structured sketching activities and conversation prompters that provide guidance, support and inspire deeper looking.

The event is free to attend and materials are provided.

Bookings will open in 2020.

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