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Open House Melbourne

Free — tickets not required

11 am — 4 pm

Sunday, 28 July

30 minute tours at 11 am | 12 noon
Presentation and tour at 1 pm

Essendon Incinerator: A Modern Engineering and Design Marvel 

Designed by the studio of Walter Burley Griffin and local engineer John Boadle, the incinerator marked a radical departure from the conventional approach of waste disposal, to incinerating municipal waste within an unsightly, foul-smelling, and smoky industrial structure. Utilising a new type of furnace design, this ensured vastly improved working conditions for workers, minimised environmental pollution in neighbouring communities, reduced garbage disposal costs, all while boasting an architectural style reminiscent of a community hall rather than an industrial facility. The building and incinerators stand as a pioneering and intact example of the successful integration of advanced engineering and innovative design. 

Between 11am to 1pm view the Essendon incinerators and building, recently restored exterior and speak with our knowledgeable guides. 

The 1pm presentation and walk through with Jim Happ, historian and retired Metallurgical Engineer will provide information about the mechanics and operations of the incinerators, and the collaboration between local engineer John Boadle and the studio of Walter Burley Griffin. 

Sunday 28 July
Open access 11am-4pm
Tours run 11am and 12pm
Running for 30 minutes in groups of 50 

Presentation and tour at 1pm
Running for 60 minutes in group of 25 

No bookings required. Tour group capacity is limited and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.