Incinerator Art Award 2020 Symposium

Saturday 12, September 2020

Join Incinerator Gallery curator Jake Treacy and Incinerator Art Award artists in an online symposium exploring social justice issues and how art can bring about social change. Ideas exploring Environment; Identity + Community; Government; and Time + Healing will be published in four video segments across the day, offering viewers conversational insights into the creative practices and ethical intersections of the Incinerator Art Award artists.

Watch all videos on the Incinerator Art Award Symposium page.



Talk 1: Environment

with Carly Fischer, Karla Pringle, Nicolas Burridge and Nina Sanadze.


Talk 2: Identity + Community

with Chelle Destefano, Devi Seetharam, Elham Eshraghian, Georgia Banks and Roberta Rich.


Talk 3: Government

with Azza Zein, The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins, Cyrus Tang, Desmond Mah, MJ Flamiano and Sha Sarwari.


Talk 4: Time + Healing

with @covidquilt project led by Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick, Hineani Tunoa Roberts, Jayanto Tan, Shivanjani Lal and Varuni Kanagasundaran.