Bright Sparks 2021

Bright Sparks Poster Inspo

Poster exhibition for Moonee Valley students from Prep to Year 10

Accepting entries until Sunday, 28 November

Inspiration Choice Board

Inspired by youth led activism amidst concern for the environment and climate change Incinerator Gallery invites Moonee Valley school students to enter their art or design posters on the theme environment into the Bright Sparks 2021 poster exhibition.

This choice board helps you explore different art ideas around the environment that could lead to creating an artwork for the poster exhibition. Click on the links for extra inspiration.

Create an artwork with a slogan expressing your environmental message.
Banksy I don’t believe in global warming 2009 (London) Photo: Zak Hussein/PA
Visit your favourite place in nature and collect small pieces. Create a land artwork and photograph it.
Andy Goldsworthy
Create an artwork from discarded objects to send a message about waste and consumption in the world.
Nor Tijan Firdaus Climate Change Is Real 2019 Photo: Filepic
Create an art work from rubbish you find then photograph it.
Mandy Barker Penalty – The World c2018
Create a self- portrait with a message about how you stand up for the environment.
Chip Thomas/Jetsonorama and Monica Canilao I am the Change 2016 (Seattle, USA)
Create a mixed media artwork that shows the impact human behaviour has on the environment.
Dafne Murillo Plastic Whale nd.
Get inspired by street art and create your own powerful illustrations.  
Natalia Rak Lets Keep The Plants Alive nd.
Create a surreal world that shows the future of our environment with no action or shows solutions to environmental issues.
Thukral & Tagra Dominus Aeris Escape 3 2012
Create an awareness project inspired by going zero waste.
Jen Fedrizzi and Katie William Trash Suits 2018
Get inspired by writers and illustrators. Design an environmental book cover.
Oliver Jeffers Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth 2017

Download the Choice Board

Download the entry form

Posters may be created from any medium, for example; paint, felt tipped pens, ink, photograph, digital print to name a few. Posters must have a completed entry form secured to the back or attached to the email.

For Terms & Conditions and Entry Form see:

Posters may be emailed, posted or hand-delivered to Incinerator Gallery 180 Holmes Road Aberfeldie during regular Gallery open hours to 28 November (11am to 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday) please check the website Gallery opening hours in light of state government restrictions.

Bright Sparks 2021 choice board